Instructions to access further information and complete both activities are found below.  FOUO training is valid for the duration of the project.  Prequalification must occur for each Invitation to Propose.  (Previous prequalifications do not endure.)  Any delay by a firm to complete the FOUO training and prequalification specific to an Invitation to Propose may jeopardize its ability to appropriately respond to that Invitation to Propose.


#1 FOUO Information


For Official Use Only (FOUO) Documentation – This WILL REQUIRE A PASSWORD.  Please use the following

Username = nbaf

Password = Fs2w3ng (password is case sensitive and the third and fifth characters are numbers not letters)


#2 Prequalification Process

GMP#3 – Prequalification Instructions CLICK HERE

sub 293x300 PrequalificationPlease read the information below.  After you read the Prequalification Instructions and the information below please proceed to the prequalification site. 

Fill out your Company Name exactly as you would like it to appear in our database

  1. The yellow fields indicate all mandatory information
  2. Create your user name and password to proceed with the application

After you log in you will be taken directly to the instructions page, read carefully and proceed. There are a total of nine pages that need to be completed, and a green check mark will appear next to the name of the completed page.


Subcontractor Prequalification Form General Information Page:

prequal screenshot NBAF DropDown 150x150 Prequalification

  1. Fill out the first half of the page with all relevant information
  2. IMPORTANT: When you get to the Specific Job Question at the bottom of the page you MUST select KS, NBAF in the drop down.

AFTER you have read the above proceed with the Subcontractor Prequalification Form.  Click HERE

You will be notified as accepted to bid if you meet the qualifications.  Note that submitting a prequalification does not automatically permit you to bid.